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Ha Son Hai
Ha Son Hai
Ha Son Hai
Adrián Lamo 
Adrián Lamo, threat analyst & [so-called] “top 10” hacker
499.2k ViewsFeatured in ForbesUpvoted by Peggy Li and Sai Ramanan, Been an Infosec engineer, investigator, consultant, advisor, penetration tester.
Most Viewed Writer in Hackers with 150+ answers
Dima Korolev
Dima Korolev,
264.7k ViewsUpvoted by Jeff Nelson, Invented Chromebook and Dmitriy Genzel, research scientist at Google
Rizwan Aseem
Rizwan Aseem, I'm alive, failed many times. No Excuses! No Blame! Just get up and get results.
1.4m ViewsFeatured in PopSugar
Most Viewed Writer in Skills